Roulette is definitely the most fun and exciting game in any casino, land-based or online. A colorful gaming table, a luxurious entourage of the magical wheel with numbers, a variety of bets and an amazing spirit of fortune – all this attracts thousands of Canadian gamers to the Roulette tables. The most popular gaming types in Canada are American and European Roulette. But if the European style is more to the prefer of newbies, then American Roulette is mostly the choice by real professionals.

Top Canadian sites with the free American Roulette

If you also want to join the army of fans of this exciting Roulette table game, then you need to know its rules and principles, as well as the basic strategies. So, this is a casino game that goes on a special table with betting markings. The round is led by a dealer, who spins the ball on the wheel with 36 numbers and a Zero sign. Players place bets on the selected zones and wait for the result of the spin. The winner is the one, who guesses with the bet.

There are several types of online Roulette. The most popular are American, French and European. The differences between them are not much, but the key one is the number of Zeros on the wheel. At the American Roulette game, you will see two Zeros on the wheel at once. How does this affect the gameplay? In American Roulette, the advantage of the casino is higher than in other types. So, the odds of players here are noticeably lower.

Why do lots of Canadians prefer to play American game? American Roulette live is the most risky and exciting online version and that’s it. A table for the American game is slightly larger, than for other versions. And you can try this game without money, if you run free Canadian sites with American Roulette on your PC.

Canadians, who prefer to try their luck at the free Roulette wheel play most often here:

  • American Roulette at the Kingsman Casino;
  • Jackpot City;
  • AllReels;
  • Red Pingwin.

On these sites, you can play American Roulette free of charge. Keep in mind that the advantage of the casino in the American type of game is 5.26%. While in the European – 2.7%. The lowest advantage of the house is in the French version of the wheel – 1.35%.

Roulette simulator – the best way to learn how to play the wheel

If you have already decided what type of wheel game you will play, but are not ready to make real money bets yet, then download the Roulette simulator on your device and train for free as much as you want. That game program is pretty convenient for novice users. Here you can not only understand the rules of the game and remember all types of bets. But also thanks to the simulator, you will practice different Roulette strategies.

How to use the Roulette simulator? Here is a brief guide:

  1. Pick up an online Roulette simulator and download it to device. You can also train it online, without downloading;
  2. Specify the type of the game (American, European, French, etc.);
  3. Set the betting limits (in this case, it will be virtual bets without a deposit);
  4. Define layout options for Roulette simulator American: board size or chip size;
  5. Specify start amount and play.

By choosing free Roulette game option, you are actually giving yourself an opportunity to play as much as you wish. You can spend enough time practicing with fake currency, and improving your gaming skills.

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