As the name suggests, the American roulette online game with the wheel with 38 sectors and 2 Zeros is enjoying resounding popularity in casinos throughout the United States. However, it is also very popular in other countries, including Canada and the EU. It is usually played for free as the casino advantage is high here (over 5%), but real gamblers love risk — they do it for real money.

American roulette online game for money

American roulette game online for real money is distinguished by its simplicity. The object of the game is to guess in which numbered square the white ball will come to rest. If you correctly predict the square in which the ball will land, you will receive payout ratios depending on the type of bet made and the stake invested. Each casino game has its own wagering limits which define the minimum and maximum amounts you can wager in each round.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you start playing American roulette online. The game chips usually have different colors from other casino games. After choosing their roulette table, all players must exchange their currencies for chips with the dealer (If this a roulette slot, everything is done automatically). Each gambler will receive chips of different colors to alleviate any risk of confusion when paying out winning bets. As soon as all players have received their chips, they are now allowed to place their bets on the different sections of the table. Make sure you know the ins and outs of each type of bet so you know what risks you put yourself at.

The difference between American and European games of this type

These differences are probably known by all, who love this game:

  1. American roulette online wheel has 2 Zeros (not 1);
  2. You can also bet here of a group of numbers of single numbers;
  3. The house edge here is twice higher than in European game — 5.26%.

Roulette bets in an American type of the game

Players have the option of placing their bets on individual numbers or on groups of numbers. The croupier then activates the American roulette online wheel. You can still place, change or remove your bets from the table after the first spin of the wheel. However, as soon as the croupier announces “No more bets”, the players are not authorized to arrange their stakes on the table (or to modify them).

As soon as the ball comes to rest in one of the numbered sectors, the dealer publicly announces the winning number. He marks the winning number. All players who correctly predicted the winning number get a payout. The losing bets are captured by the house. As soon as the payouts are awarded to the winners, a new round can begin.

Live American roulette game

When you play live American roulette online games, you use the same tips and rules. However, you are sitting by your computer or a phone and watch how a real person (croupier) works. He also announces bets and winners. He can even chat with some players. In some live casinos, gamblers can also chat: it adds the game more excitement.

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