In a “real” casino roulette, it is theoretically possible that winning numbers may appear several times in a row. This could be due to mechanical defects in the roulette wheel, the curvature of the casino floor, or the way the dealer throws the ball. But even if you find such a defective roulette, then when you change the dealer or the roulette itself, the player will not be able to benefit from his observation.

Tips and tricks of casino roulette games

In virtual casinos, it is impossible to reveal the secrets of roulette thanks to online technology. In online casinos, the random number generator (RNG) controls the drop of numbers. It is not by chance that the RNG is called a random number generator – the best programmers in the world have made a lot of efforts to ensure that the RNG online produces truly random and unpredictable results. It is impossible to predict which number will appear this time. As for the free roulette casino tips, they are as follows:

  1. When you bet, for example, on “red” in casino roulette, the probability that your color will fall is 48.6%;
  2. Another 48.6% is “black”, and another 2.7% is the probability of getting zero. But this is all about one single bet;
  3. What is the probability of winning if you repeat your bet several times? The likelihood of this increases significantly.

Such a mathematical calculation formed the basis of the strategy in online casino roulette, which bears the name of its author – the Martingale strategy. Of all the secrets of roulette, this strategy is the best for a successful game. It works. Proof of this is the fact that casinos deliberately set betting limits when playing roulette to prevent players from taking full advantage of the Martingale strategy.

Casino roulette variants

The developers of gambling software have released many different online roulette simulators today, but if we talk about its “pure” types, then preference should be given to the European free roulette casino – the American version with double zero is considered more profitable for the casino than for its visitors. In the first case, the probability of getting a certain number is 35: 1 (the ball can stop at another 35 cells, except for the one that contains specific numbers), in the second, the probability of falling out is increased by 1 more due to the additional sector, and the bets, as already mentioned, paid only in a ratio of 35: 1. It would seem that such a small difference, but increases the advantage of the gambling establishment by as much as 2 times.

Strategy on how to win casino roulette

There is no need for experienced adrenaline hunters to explain what roulette is, but for beginners who only dream of turning the wheel of fortune in their direction, a short excursion into the rules will not hurt. So:

  • the game mechanism of the classic video roulette is a wheel with alternating red and black cells and numbers from 0 (or 00) to 36;
  • a table with fields for bets in casino roulette (for dozens, numbers, red / black, even / odd), depending on the type of roulette, it can start with sectors zero (for American), double-zero (for European roulette); < / li>
  • bets on the table are placed at the discretion of gamblers, the online roulette wheel is launched by clicking on the already mentioned key, and the winning number and field are determined by the cell in which the ball ends up.

In theory, in online casino roulette, everything is elementary, but in practice, the rules of the roulette game are even easier to master. You can place bets on any number of numbers (on anyone, of course, not an option – the chances of winning will be scanty), the pros advise choosing several adjacent numbers so that the chips end up at the intersection of the borders of cells with numbers. This is not a strategy yet, but just a little trick that gamers can take advantage of.

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