The popularity of this variety of quite interesting and exciting entertainment largely depends on some of its specific nuances. One way or another, the overwhelming majority of active players try to understand how to play European Roulette online correctly in order to constantly win, and also wonder where they can participate in such a game on the territory of the gambling capital Vegas in order to try get a big win. All actions here take place quickly and dynamically, so you need to know the rules.

There are 37 numbered cells on the game wheel, 18 of which are black, 18 are red, and also one 0. There is a special field for making bets on the game table, but also in special cases players are allowed to make verbal corrections. For a comfortable pastime, usually at the same time there are five or six people at the table, who must decide on the rates before the ball moves along the chute. All entertainment processes are managed by a professional croupier who also gives out the winning chips.

Basic rules how to play European Roulette online and win

In order for novice users can to quickly learn how to win this game, they are first advised to play European Roulette online for free, so that in a relaxed atmosphere and without much risk of losing personal money, they become better acquainted with the gameplay. The rules for such entertainment without financial investments are identical to the traditional game for real money:

  1. Typically, all licensed and prestigious gaming platforms provide a lucrative free demo option for every newbie to start with.
  2. The first step of every interested player should be the choice of an online casino, where in the menu a person can find suitable entertainment with optimal rates for him. Usually it is allowed to start the game without registration and without downloading the software.
  3. Next, the participant must decide on the rate. It can be one of the internal bets (Straight Up, Split, Street, Trio, Corner, First four or Sixline). There are also more profitable external bets available to the user (Column, Dozen, Even / Odd, Red / Black, Big / Small and Even chances). A suitable bet must be made before the start of the game, until a special message appears (no more bids).
  4. Now players wishing to play European Roulette online can activate the game by simply pressing a special button, after which the game wheel on the screen will start spinning and the ball will move along the chute. After it stops in one of the cells, the due payments will be automatically accrued. Now you can re-do all the settings and start the entertainment again.

To save time, you can install Rebet in the free version of the game. Also available here are the Clear Bet or Double Bet features for bigger wins.

Best Las Vegas casinos with European Roulette

After the visitors of gambling portals have understood how to successfully play free European Roulette online and have learned a little how to win, they can try their luck in a real land-based Vegas casino and feel the atmosphere of live communication with a real croupier. Here are some of these popular places:

  • Experts recommend all gamblers to visit MGM Grand, where exciting European Roulette awaits them;
  • The exciting Aria Resort and Casino will surprise its customers with impeccable luxury and artistic design, as well as the opportunity to participate in this game;
  • People should definitely try their hand at the famous local gaming club Mandalay Bay.

You can also make successful bets on European Roulette in the hotels and casinos of Cromwell, Flamingo and Cosmopolitan, which can give people an unforgettable positive experience.

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