One of the most popular casino games around the world is roulette available in several variations. The most popular ones include European, French, and American roulette. If you are fond of the latter, you are welcome. This article is going through all ins and outs of the game to reveal the most working American roulette strategy to win big.

How to Win Big with an American ROulette Strategy

Unlike in the case of European roulette, the wheel of the American counterpart has 38 holes with a 00 as an extra one. Unfortunately, this extra number lowers the chances of winning unless the player makes a Straight Up bet. Before we pass to describing particularly which American roulette winning strategy is reliable, let’s understand the game first.

American Roulette Rules

Like in the case of European roulette, here, too the player aims to guess what number will be spun the next. Once the wheel is spun, the roulette ball rolls and eventually rests in one of the 38 holes. Any bet that was made correctly, brings the player a payout. How many chips to put on a bet is up to the player as long as it coincides with the limits for that type of bet. As a rule, the bets with the highest payout allow a smaller maximum bet.

Here are all the types of bets you can make on an American roulette:

  • Inside bets;
  • Straight up bets;
  • Split bets;
  • On a single number (with 0 and 00 included);
  • Street bet;
  • Between twi numbers;
  • Line bet;
  • Corner bet;
  • High/Low;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Red/Black;
  • Column bet;
  • Outside bet.

The payouts for these bets are different with the Straight Up bet as the highest and the Odd/Even, Black/Red; and High/Low as the lowest.

Winning Strategy

Now it’s time to see what American Roulette strategy you can incorporate into playing that will bring the win closer. First, let’s not forget that Roulette, unlike poker or even Blackjack, is a game of mostly chance. No strategy can ensure you an edge over the house. All the working strategies are based on the way you bet. However, here we have described how the best known American roulette strategy Martingale works:

  1. You make a bet on Even/Odd or Red/Black;
  2. You double the bet every time you lose it;
  3. Once you win, you regain your losses plus earn an amount worth your initial bet;
  4. You start anew after every win.

The Martingale is a positive progressive betting strategy along with Parlay, Paroli, and D’Alembert systems.

Betting Strategies that Work Well for American Roulette

Which betting American roulette winning strategy to choose depends on your bankroll. To make the Martingale work for you, you need a significant bankroll. You are actually limited by your bankroll just like in the case of using the D’Alembert system. Once it ends before you win, you lose your chance of playing further.

Using the Parlay betting strategy, you’re supposed to increase your bet twice after a win, thus risking only the previous win. The Paroli strategy uses the same principle – doubling the bet after winning. Your risk falls only on the won money, which is rather small here.

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